139 Lancaster Ave

Bangor, ME 04401


Status: Inactive

First Look: No

Property Information

  • Price: $54,900

    Property Tax Roll Information

  • Property Type: Single Family Dwelling

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  • Company Phone: (801) 456-3228
  • Phone: (801) 456-3228
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139 Lancaster Ave
Bangor, ME 04401



Status: Inactive Listing ID: 44029839

Property Information

  • Price: $54,900

Property Description

A listing located at 139 Lancaster Ave Bangor, ME 04401. This listing in Bangor is among more than 1 million records featured in our comprehensive nationwide real estate database. It's important to always check the property type because we showcase more than just great foreclosure deals (e.g. Owner-Occupied) on our website to provide you with critical comparable neighborhood information.

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