Submitting an Offer on a HomeSteps Home

The process for buying a HomeSteps home and submitting an offer is similar to the process for buying just about any home listed on the market.

If you have a buyer who is interested in making an offer on a HomeSteps home, contact the listing agent to begin the purchase process.

For all offers, HomeSteps requires that:

  • The offer must be in writing
  • The terms must be clearly stated in the contract documents
  • The contract must be signed and dated by all buyers

To see a complete list of items requested by HomeSteps when submitting an offer, download the HomeSteps Offer Submission Checklist. For more information about the HomeSteps offer process, read the most frequently asked questions.

The Offer Process

Complete offers will be entered in to HomeSteps' system by the listing agent. Once an offer is entered into the HomeSteps system, an email will automatically be sent to the selling agent acknowledging receipt of the offer.

  • On average, complete offers are responded to or countered within 48 hours, but it may take longer for the full final approval process to be completed.
  • The listing agent may reject an incomplete offer on behalf of HomeSteps, and it may not be entered into the HomeSteps' system or considered by HomeSteps. The listing agent will contact the selling agent to let them know what items are needed to complete the offer.
  • Once HomeSteps has received a complete offer, we have the right to accept* or reject it.

Upon offer acceptance, the listing agent will forward the HomeSteps contract package to the selling agent for the buyer's signatures. The contract package must be returned to the listing agent.

*Initial agreement. Legal acceptance occurs only when the contract is fully executed by all parties.

The Multiple Offer Process

Homesteps Multiple Offer Process
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HomeSteps will initiate the Multiple Offer Process when we receive more than one offer on a home at the same time. All prospective buyers who submitted an offer will be asked to submit their highest and best offer by a specific date and time, and will be asked to sign the Multiple Offer Procedure form to return with their highest and best offer. Once this specific date and time has expired, all offers will be evaluated. The best offer will either be countered or accepted* by HomeSteps.

*Initial agreement. Legal acceptance occurs only when the contract is fully executed by all parties.