HomeSteps Fraud Policy

HomeSteps Policy Regarding Fraudulent, Dishonest and Illegal Acts

HomeSteps maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding fraudulent, dishonest and/or illegal acts performed, facilitated or known by any vendors selling or servicing Freddie Mac/HomeSteps homes. You play an important role in helping us manage to this policy and it is essential that you maintain the highest ethical standards.

All vendors selling or servicing Freddie Mac/HomeSteps homes are required to follow these guidelines:

  • Be fair and honest in all dealings.
  • Comply with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding the sale, management and maintenance of our residential real estate.
  • Do not give or take bribes/kickbacks. The giving or receiving of a bribe or kickback is illegal. Vendors involved in the giving or receiving of a bribe, kickback, padding and/or otherwise falsifying invoices are subject to immediate termination from the vendor network as well as prosecution.

Additional expectations may be found in the Code of Conduct. As a reminder, all vendors selling and servicing HomeSteps homes must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

It is important to note that Freddie Mac also holds our employees to the same high ethical standards. Our employees are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct, which prohibits employees from engaging in any fraudulent, dishonest and/or illegal acts.

To report any known or suspected fraudulent, dishonest or illegal acts conducted by a network vendor, non-network vendor and/or Freddie Mac/HomeSteps employee, contact one of the following:

  • Freddie Mac Fraud Hotline – 1.800.4.FRAUD.8
  • Freddie Mac Compliance Hotline – 1.877.301.CODE (2633)
  • HomeSteps Customer Service – 1.800.972.7555
  • Freddie Mac Customer Service – 1.800.FREDDIE (373-3343)
  • Freddie Mac Mortgage Fraud Reporting –

You may choose to contact us with your information or you may do so anonymously. Please note that Freddie Mac does not tolerate any retaliation against an individual or vendor who, based on his or her reasonable good faith belief, reports a concern about potential illegal or unethical conduct.

It is the intent of Freddie Mac to promote ethical and professional behavior among its employees and vendors servicing our homes. Thank you for your commitment in helping us to maintain these high standards.