The HomeSteps Difference

HomeSteps, the Freddie Mac real estate sales unit, strives to have the best property and sales standards in the country. In order to accomplish this, we require that our vendor network adhere to our HomeSteps Good Neighbor Practices.

Our Good Neighbor Practices are intended to protect neighborhood values by requiring that the listing agents show clean and maintained homes and sell them at market prices.

Once HomeSteps acquires a home:

  1. The home is secured.
  2. Trash is removed from the interior/exterior.
  3. The lawn is properly maintained and is followed up by weekly maintenance.
  4. Exterior/interior cleaning is initiated.

Our Good Neighbor Practices also include:

  • Conducting random property inspections and providing listing agents with scorecards on the security of the home, exterior/interior cleaning, active utilities and proper signage.
  • Conducting regular communication and training with listing agents and property maintenance vendors.
  • Empowering listing agents to immediately address safety concerns.
  • Hosting a toll-free customer hotline to answer questions about our homes.