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Our Content Use Policy

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Automatically Updated Data Content. You do not need Freddie Mac's prior written consent to publish Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey® data on your website via an RSS feed. Learn more about how to syndicate Freddie Mac's PMMS® on your website.

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Our Linking Policy

You may link directly to the home page of a Freddie Mac website or to any web page that appears on the sitemap of that website without our prior written permission.

The link you provide on your website must be text-only, as in:

"See the Online Guide to the Home Buying Process from Freddie Mac®"

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By linking to a Freddie Mac website, you agree:

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  • That Freddie Mac will have no obligation to verify the current or continued accuracy of any information provided on its website. 
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  • To comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and to hold Freddie Mac harmless from failure to comply with any laws or regulations.

Freddie Mac may amend its Linking Policy at any time without notice.